Pakistan Deal With Russia for Wheat

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Meeting of ECC (Economic Coordination Committee)

Should we import wheat even though we have agricultural land in Pakistan? Is the reduction in wheat cultivation increasing in Pakistan. If you don’t mind I want to ask the visitor visiting Our website whether Pakistan can’t cultivated wheat properly and why ,

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The Economic Coordination Committee has approved an offer to purchase wheat from Russia at $390 per metric ton. The Ministry of Food Security has been instructed to cancel the offer if Russia asks for a higher price.

Significant progress has been made towards buying cheap wheat from Russia. The Economic Co-ordination Committee has approved the government-level offer to buy wheat at $390 per metric ton. Pakistan will import wheat from Russia

Pakistan Import Wheat From Russia

It was also said that the $390 offer should be canceled if Russia demands a higher price.

It was informed in the ECC meeting that on May 28, the federal cabinet had approved the import of 3 million metric tons of wheat. The Trading Corporation of Pakistan has initiated procurement efforts. Taurus had initially offered $410 per metric ton.

In this regard, the committee headed by Special Assistant to the Prime Minister, Tariq Fatima, negotiated with the Russian Embassy, ​​on which Russia first offered $405 and then $400 per metric ton.

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