Negative impact of corruption on Youth

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How to Affect Corruption on Youth Career

The importance of education is repeatedly emphasized in the Holy Quran PAK with frequent injunctions, such as “God will exalt those of you who believe and those who know high degrees” (58:11), It remains a duty of all Muslims to strive for knowledge Islam encourages and promotes the idea of learning, asking questions, and striving to better oneself through acquiring knowledge.

Youth Career damage in Pakistan

Pakistan is the Islamic country in the world, and standing in standardized education level at
125th number in the world. Except for Sindh, all Provinces have worked on education improvement, unfortunately, Sindh has nothing.
Recently Sindh government take a great step to restore education with the help of the World Bank and go for more than 50,000 recruitment of teachers in the education department. PST and JEST test was conducted by SIBA Sukkur in September 2021. The passing ratio was 55 for males, 50 for females and minorities, and 33 for hard areas. When students start their struggle for declining passing marks and the success to decrease the passing marks to 40 throughout Sindh.

Education system in Sindh

There are 138 talukas in Sindh in which taluka jobholders district Khair Pur is one of them where no working paper found since 1998.
According to the Sindh education and literacy department record, there are more than 33,000 students enrollment in taluka Jobholders and a total of 281 teachers are working in different schools. This is not only one, but other talukas also seem like this one. Near about 1100 past candidates are on a waiting list due to fewer seat announcements. Majority of past candidates have Masters’s degree holders.

How corruption destroyed Pakistan

We appeal to our district Khairpur and taluka Sobhodero MPA and MNA to help us in a critical situation. From 1998 our education officers has nothing, they Just enjoy their seat power and salaries. The SNE of 281 seats with 33,000 student enrollment is an injustice to our taluka. If we focus on recruitment policy one teacher would be appointed on 30 students, unfortunately our taluka jobholders education officer calculates the STR ratio among students only 281. The actual figures are more than 700 if we follow the above student’s number while education clerical staff show 281 seats, Maybe there is a clerical error, or they are hiding seats to sell in black after the JEST and PST process closed.

Important Message

In Pakistan, the children of the rich are seated on the seats of the poor candidates and because of this  no new talents come to Pakistan. It means corruption has destroyed Pakistan.

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